As part of the Russell Group, all family owned companies, we have a huge focus on promoting positive family values and support within our teams. We also strongly believe in giving back to the wider community which includes providing educational & sporting scholarships, a strong commitment to cadetships and apprenticeships and contributing to organisations that support the wider community Auckland Rescue Helicopter being one example.

Keystone New Zealand Property Education Trust

The Keystone New Zealand Property Education Trust is New Zealand’s leading property scholarship fund.  It offers students a hand-up into construction and property related tertiary studies through mentoring and a limited number of scholarships to motivated students from backgrounds where financial hardship may prevent them from following their tertiary goals. 

Russell Group of Companies became a key scholarship partner in 2015 offering the Alf Russell scholarship in recognition of the life and contribution our founder Alf Russell dedicated to both the industry and the development of young people.  The annual scholarship of $5,000 is awarded to a student who has already undertaken some tertiary study and who would benefit from the financial support to further their studies.

Tania Dalton Foundation

The Foundation supports young New Zealanders, from all circumstances and stages of development, to unlock their talent and their best selves. The goal is to engage with thousands of young New Zealanders across the country through a range of programmes aimed at making a positive and measurable impact on the youth of New Zealand. RPG has been a scholarship provider since 2019 and is currently supporting Amy Rule a promising young rugby player.

Supporting our community and industry